Why Kenneth

The significance of the 233rd District Court

The 233rd District Court is a family court.  Family courts are different from what most people think of when it comes to court, yet they are known by many as divorce courts. The difference can be introduced by the old adage known among attorneys: Criminal Law deals with the worst of society on their best behavior, while Family Law deals with the best of society exhibiting their worst behavior.  Some people don’t want to be seen when they are having a bad hair day, but when a person is dealing with a family law issue, the dilemma is many times worse than the worst bad hair day that you have ever had.  A person comes to Family Court to help them deal with life altering decisions concerning their lives and often the lives of their children; mind you, many of them are not emotionally ready to deal with these decisions, but they must for the sake of all involved. These cases require a judge that knows compassion.

Why Me?

There is no greater compassion than a person willing to lay down his life for his fellow man.  In addition to being a Christian, I am a military veteran of two wars where I have willingly placed myself in harm’s way for the American people.  I know what it means to esteem others higher than myself and place their needs before my own, thereby helping them to find balance when their world is in turmoil.  I will make sure that the decisions made in this court are full of compassion and according to the rule of law.  I am an attorney that has worked for the benefit of families since being licensed to practice law.  This work includes practicing family law, guardianship law and mental health law among other areas.  I will help all litigants appearing before me to find the best version of themselves, when possible, and make decisions for them when they are unable to do so.

Integrity and Justice are watch words of members of the judiciary.  I have learned during my over 20 years of serving the public interest, the absolute necessity of placing the responsibility committed to me before my own needs or desires.  I am a person committed to executing justice with integrity and will not corrupt justice to obtain the favor of any person.

To be an effective judge, one must have the ability to lead and make decisions. I bring proven leadership and decision making in some of the most difficult conditions that one can imagine.  I was awarded a Bronze Star and many other awards from the military as confirmation of these abilities.  In addition to leading in the military, I am a leader in my community.  I am a business owner who also holds an MBA; qualities that are sure to aid me in the administration of the court.

I am also a man that knows quite a bit about family.  I am a husband, father and 15th of 16 children born to my mother and father. I am married to Sandra, an educator in the Fort Worth Independent School District, and we are the parents of two sons: Eric (29) and Kenneth II (27).  If experience is ever a measure of anything, being the 15th of 16 children must count for something.  I have been a part of or witnessed almost every family issue imaginable, so I understand that things are never only what they appear on the surface.  I understand that family matters are not always expressed in plain language and that cultural differences must be considered to allow families to maintain a proper balance of what family means to each litigant.

I offer the following qualifications; Compassion, Integrity, Justice, Leadership, Decision Making and Life Experience.  My name is Kenneth Newell and I ask for your vote and support in my quest to become the Judge of the 233rd District Court.