Meet Kenneth

 Kenneth Earl Newell was born and raised in Hazlehurst, MS as the 15th Child of Isiah and Polly Newell. As a senior in high school, he joined the United States Army, reporting for duty a few months after graduation. He went on to complete 20 years of active duty service including deployments to two Iraq Wars in 1991 and 2003.

Kenneth Newell retired in 2005, accumulating numerous awards and citations including a Bronze Star Medal from his final tour in Iraq. While on active duty, He earned a bachelor’s degree in Management & Ethics from Mid-American Christian University and a Masters of Business Administration from Cameron University.

After the military, Kenneth worked full time with several federal government agencies (Depart of Defense, FAA, US Army Corps of Engineers and USDA), while attending Texas Wesleyan School of Law as a night student. Upon completing law school and passing the bar exam, Kenneth hung his own shingle and began working in several different legal focuses. He found his niche in family and probate law where he could assist the most vulnerable among us: children and the elderly.

Kenneth is an adjunct professor with Columbia College, teaching various legal subjects on the Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base. He is also a Barrister member of the Eldon B. Mahon Inn of Courts. Kenneth is married to Sandra Newell, an educator in the Fort Worth Independent School District, and the father of two sons, Eric and Kenneth II. Kenneth has recently announced his candidacy for District Judge of the 233rd District Court (Family Court).

Why am I running for Judge?

When Judge William “Bill” Harris announced his retirement, a question was posed to my mind: Who’s going to take that bench? I thought of this one and that one, and then went on.  Sometime later, the question was posed again, and like before I assumed that someone would.  The question later changed: Why not you?  I immediately began to make my excuses, but felt compelled to verify my concerns.  Finding they were not valid reasons not to serve, I talked to my wife and we began to pray about it.  Perceiving that we were called to serve and having piece in our hearts, I started to give serious consideration to running.   My next steps were to consult a few people whose wisdom I have come to trust, including members of the judiciary, and to a person they each thought it was a good idea and the right thing to do.  Armed with peace in my heart and good counsel, I announced my candidacy for Judge of the 233rd District Court.

My hope is to lay a platform for healing for the families that come before me.  These families are usually experiencing some form of strain and are often on the brink of their relationship being dissolved.  While a legal dissolution of their relationship may be inevitable, the emotional and extended relationships continue.  My quest is to help litigants find grounds to heal the emotional and extended relationships for the sake of the children that are often the biggest casualties.  My hope for this bench is to serve the people with integrity and see to it that justice is done for the litigants appearing before me.  When making decisions concerning children, I will always look out for their best interest.

I am asking for your vote and support to allow me to serve you as judge of the 233rd District Court.  My pledge is to always walk humbly before my God and do justice for the litigants appearing before me.